Start- Rite

Start-Rite have been creating children’s shoes for every step since 1792, with over 220years experience, Start-Rite offer not only style and choice but fitted footwear designed and shaped for children’s healthy foot development which supports and protect their precious feet.

9 Reasons to choice Start-Rite:

  1. Style and Choice- Start-Rite offer a range from Pre-walkers to school shoes and trainers to willies.
  2. Best Fit – Start – Rite shoes come in a wide variety of width fittings with wholes and half sizes to suit every foot.
  3. Premium quality Materials – Only the highest grade of leathers are used to make the footwear.
  4. Heel Stiffener – Start – Rite have a unique long stiffener which helps counter act pronation
  5. Durable soles – All soles are made from flexible and durable materials
  6. Washable materials – The canvas ranges are all machine washable at 30C
  7. Dyed through Leathers – The majority of the shoes are made with dyed through leather. Therefore they keep their colour if scuffed.
  8. Breathable lining – Start-Rite use leather sock
  9. Quality controls – Strict quality controls are in place during every stage of the design and build.





Super –Fit have over 30 years experience making and designing some of the best children’s shoes on the market. The Austrian shoe brand super-Fit has become one of the leading children’s shoe brand in Europe. Super Fit consistently work very close with Paediatricians and Orthopaedists when designing each shoe. The foot care professionals give Super- Fit 98% for the good fit, foot friendly Laces, toe room, flexible rocker sole, breathability, support and over all impression.

Every Children’s shoe purchase demands responsibility, Super-Fit expect to meet the needs of this responsibility too provide the best materials, sole innovation for the best grip, the perfect fit – all the shoes are manufactured to the WMS system. The materials used are all 100% non – Toxic.







Ecco is one of the leading shoe brands on the market since 1963. Ecco’s objective is to produce high quality casual, comfortable shoes with the perfect fit. Ecco enables itself to stay unique owning its own tanneries which produce the leather, which goes to the Ecco owned factories. This system sustains a high quality to meet the customer’s satisfaction.





As an American company Ariat was founded on Technology and innovation – with the goal of making the highest quality footwear and appeal for the world’s top equestrian athletes. Ariat are dedicated to a community of riders and people committed to those who ride, ranch and work outdoors, they therefore make products they are proud of. Ariat strive to re-design, reimaging and reshape their brand while staying true to the values and tradition that keep the authentic.





Gabor has been providing high quality footwear for over 85 years. The reputation for high quality shoes and outstanding customer service has enabled the third generation of the Clinkard family to carry the brand forward.





Cushe was founded in the UK during the summer of 2004 due to a group of footwear designers looking to create something a bit different. Crafted with the individual in mind they aim to challenge the boundaries of footwear design rather than following rules or trends set by other brands. They utilize the best and most innovative techniques and materials to make the footwear that effortlessly provide comfort, protection and stability.





RJ Draper &Co is an established family owned company which was founded in 1937. Based in Glastonbury, traditionally the heart of England’s sheep skin industry, Draper specialise in luxurious natural product of sheep skin and leather. These finest materials provide both warmth and comfort, they are natural warmth combined with British excellence.





Established in 1880 the Loake brothers created the brand of handmade leather shoes. Today, on to it’s fifth generation with 130 years of shoe making behind them Loake continue to make their premium grade good year welted shoes in Kettering, England. Loake’s aim is to up hold the tradition and continue to make the most handsome, comfortable and durable shoes they can.





With 250 years experience Lotus has an outstanding reputation for offering woman and men a variety of essential foot wear styles that are of essential footwear styles that are of exceptional quality and fit. Lotus was established in England in 1759 and continues to capture designs which are at the height of fashion and inevitably suit a spectrum of tastes.





Established in 1970 Sebago footwear has increasingly become the icon of marine footwear. Along the authentic classics Sebago is introducing new innovative footwear in keeping with it legacy.





Mephisto pride them on the ability to offer a personal service to fulfil customer requirements. Establishes in 1965 the French company intend on marketing the best footwear money and technology can produce. The Mephisto product range has established an enviable international reputation for superb handmade quality footwear. The emphasis has and will always be on comfort, best quality natural materials, style and best fit.





Caprice is world renowned for their comfort footwear and leading innovative comfort technology. Caprice customers appreciate the combination of high fashion, comfort and wellness which are essential features of all the Caprice products. The four innovative technologies which go into the foundations of the designs are: ‘Walking on air’, Anti Shock, Super Flexible and Roll Tec.



Van Dal

Van Dal is part of the Florida group, a family company which dates back to the 1900’s. Made in Norwich Van Dal’s are renowned for their comfort, quality and wider fitting shoes.





Creating beautiful shoes is a passion at HB. The HB team research the world for inspiration in design, Colour, materials, textures, trims, ornaments, detailing and uniqueness. HB shoes are never mass produced which captures its unique European craftsmanship.

hb espana



Daisy Roots


Daisy Roots is recognised as the top name for baby and toddler shoes, they are handmade in Northampton England. The eco-friendly biodegradable leathers are all chrome free and non toxic allowing them to be kind to babies skin. They are all built with non slip suede soles which are ideal for toe-gripping babies and toddlers learning to walk. The soft breathable natural leathers encourage a healthy foot growth.

daisy roots



Capollini is a British owned family run company who design by using original styling with good high quality leathers and luxury suede’s, yet keeping their products affordable. These shoes are manufactured in Italy, Spain and Brazil. Capollini have been trading for over 40 years with an ever increasing loyal customer base.